In a very competitive market where customers are constantly solicited, traditional approaches deliver more or less satisfactory results.

It is therefore imperative to adopt new approaches. That is where our sales strategy comes in.

From vehicle delivery and throughout the ownership cycle, a series of strategically orchestrated mail, email and telephone communications help maintain a relationship with the customer, preventing you from forgetting them, or even worse, the customer forgetting about you.

When the time is right, depending on whether the customer has leased or financed, telephone contacts are made to pre-qualify the customer, coordinate the next contact and eventually set an appointment. In addition, all interactions are recorded to keep track of previous approaches as well as customer feedback, if any.

Maintenance of the relationship continues even for a customer who declined booking an appointment, with special care not to harass him. This relationship must be maintained in order for the dealership to be present when the client is ready to change vehicles.

In short, this is the solution to effectively manage your sales customer database to ensure a positive meeting at the ideal time.

As part of our sales strategy, Suly will help your team be better prepared for the appointment and provide you with tools to better deal with your client.

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