At Suly, the administration is made up of experienced people with an acute knowledge of their profession and the market in which they operate: that of automotive dealerships.

Denis Tardif DENIS TARDIF Founder |
Samuel Théberge Duscheneau Samuel Théberge Duchesneau COO |
Carlo Cantafio Carlo Cantafio Artistic Director
Ilyas Kordane Ilyas Kordane Call Center Operations Director
Brian Haley Brian Haley Sales Director
Jean-François Paiement Jean‑François Paiement Sales Director
Liana Marinas Liana Marinas Director of Information Technology
Olivier Rivest-Savaria Olivier Rivest‑S. Graphic Design Department Manager
Genevieve Landry Genevieve Landry Human Resources
Advisor |

Stéphany Guilbert Stephany Guilbert Accountant
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