Symptom Notice Assistant (S.N.A.)

Do symptom control BEFORE employees arrive!

The S.N.A., our new exclusion of symptomatic people from workplaces program, was born out of necessity. First, to protect our teams when we reopened as well as to meet the CNESST requirement to validate the status of all employees on a daily basis. Indeed, assigning a manager to each department to identify employees with symptoms of Covid-19 before entering the workplace was a costly, inefficient and error-prone solution.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to validate before leaving home and not when arriving at work.

Direct line for more details: 514 657-2421

How the program works:


Sends a text message to each employee 45 minutes before the start of their shift to validate if they present a symptom or risk of COVID-19.


Confirmation by employees if they meet any of the conditions in the message or not (requires a YES or NO answer, but extended answers are recorded and flagged).


If employees confirm that they have one of the conditions, they will receive a message asking them not to report to work and advising them that their supervisor will contact them shortly.


Immediate supervisors are promptly notified by e-mail if employees respond that they have a symptom or if they have not responded 10 minutes before the start of their shift.


The program keeps a detailed record of each and every interaction and offers configurable reports.

Benefits of the S.N.A. program

Fully complies with CNESST requirements.
Reduces the chances of human error in the process.
Increases the sense of security of employees.
An economical solution.
Reduces the risk of its facility being shut down for 14 days in the event of widespread contagion.
Online platform is accessible at all times and is very user friendly.

For complete details, contact us by phone, by email at or via our contact form:

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