CustomerTarget 2.0


Ensure that each one of your customers stays in contact with the dealership throughout the entire ownership period!

Promoting customer loyalty to your dealership is an extremely profitable endeavor: first, in terms of fixed operations and, subsequently, in terms of establishing a business relationship conducive to resale!

CustomerTarget is a stable and secure program involving various specialists, whose job is to develop best industry practices with respect to customer communications.

The program guarantees that your customer data is amended and updated and that your customers’ activities within the dealership are analyzed, segmented, and coded so that regular and reliable maintenance reminders may be sent.

This strategy includes a personalized thank you letter, maintenance reminder and several added options, such as end-of-warranty letter, customer satisfaction index letter, second delivery letter (service presentation) and appointment calls for the service department.

Find out why CustomerTarget is the best-performing retention program on the market for delivering an effective message, to the right people, at the right time!

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