A well-designed and well-orchestrated private sale increases traffic in dealership, boosts sales and helps you restock your pre-owned vehicle inventory.

Private Sales

For optimal results, however, expertise in marketing, data segmentation and call center services are required. We offer a whole range of services to maximize the impact of your private sales.

Our first contact with your team allows us to determine the objectives you wish to achieve. We then develop a communication strategy suited to your particular needs.


The first step in our approach is to clean up and segment the content of your database to target the customers who are most likely to respond favorably to your invitation. We then design an invitation in accordance with the brand of your dealership and that of the manufacturer.

Finally, we produce and send a customized message for each of the selected potential customers.


Suly call agents, who are specially trained in sales and follow-up techniques, work on-site and use proven call scripts.

Our results monitoring process allows us to correct the situation at any time to optimize the number of day-to-day appointments.

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