Goodbye 3-day events, colorful balloons and crowded showrooms!

In order to adapt to the new post-confinement reality, we have developed a strategy adapted to current circumstances, which allows us to target customers most likely to change vehicles while controlling dealership traffic. The goal is not to conduct a traditional private sale, but rather orchestrate personalized private visits.

Using your Suly database, we are able to produce invitations that are as warm and engaging as possible, and that also serve to reassure the customer by educating them on the steps your dealership is taking to ensure their safety.

Here are a few points about our new approach:


Our selection algorithms identify your most favourable customers. A controlled number of guests promotes distancing while offering the best R.O.I. on the market.


Every invitation is sent on behalf of the sales representative. The invitation proposes an intimate and personalized meeting that will meet the client's specific needs.


In order to ensure receipt of the invitation and to increase the response rate, we include an email invitation follow-up to all clients eligible to receive them.


Your choice: We inject call lists into your CRM for follow-up by each representative, or you can use our specially trained agents with an informative and reassuring approach.


As there is no special event, there is no reason to compress all your customers together! We promote customer convenience and manage the appointment schedule by representative and by hour.

For more details, contact us by phone, via our contact form or by email at info@suly.ca.

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