Have you just purchased a dealership?
Expanded your shop or renovated your showroom?
Perhaps you have received a prestigious award?

Événements spéciaux

Celebrate these events with your customers, partners and local community members. It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your company’s visibility, recognition and influence!

The first contact with your team allows us to determine the objectives you wish to achieve by organizing the event. Then we develop a customized communication strategy, fully suited to your needs. Thanks to our multi-channel communication solution (post, email and telephone), you have several options to reach your guests, including:

  • Customized graphic design products
  • Delivery of personalized invitations by post or email
  • Delivery of personalized announcements and/or confirmation of attendance
  • Writing of customized promotional messages
  • Creation of a website with a confirmation form
  • Telephone reminders to your guests

We advise you in the selection of the customers who will be most receptive to the invitation. In addition, our designers create an eye‑catching product, customized for each targeted customer to increase the response rate and maximize the impact of your event.

No matter what the project, Suly ensures that you find the winning formula to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Our know‑how helps make your special events a complete success!

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