Suly call agents undergo continuous training in customer service and on telephone approach and have all the tools required to optimize your campaigns.

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The advantage of our service is revealed in customer relations. Agent impartiality is important in cases of dissatisfaction or litigation and their expertise offers you tangible results. At Suly, every effort is made to project a professional and pleasant image to your customers, in both English and French.


Working closely with the dealerships, call agents have the primary task of making appointments, informing customers of the importance of their vehicle’s maintenance, and to find out why customers may be servicing them elsewhere.


Suly constantly strives to improve its service and has recently added several types of calls to gain more opportunities for customer contact. We now provide lease tracking, satisfaction survey and purchase experience calls, for service and sales.

All information collected by our agents is sent to you by email, allowing you to grasp the full scope of the phone call. Monthly reports are provided to you for evaluation of results and we inform you without delay of any situations requiring immediate attention.

Do not hesitate to contact our call center for more information.

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