Usually made up of buyers of your brand whose vehicles are two to five years old, this customer base could very well be served by your service department. Unfortunately, too small a percentage of that base decides to return.

To modify this behavior, specific strategies must take into account that the factors motivating them to come back are not on the same priority level as those of buyers of new vehicles. The main concern of these customers is often the perception that the price of your services is higher than elsewhere.

To overcome this situation, you need:

  • To develop a program of multiple hourly rates and show this customer base that you are competitive in maintenance work and "light" mechanics. Did you know that in most cases, the actual hourly rate for maintenance work is 20% lower than what is posted, and sometimes more?
  • Periodically analyze the prices of a few competitors for a set of maintenance services. Compare them to yours. You will be surprised at your competitiveness. By posting these results, your customers will be too!

Establish an effective communication process:

  • It is suggested that you include a presentation of the service department in the process of delivering used vehicles. As with buyers of new vehicles, highlighting this department is essential.
  • Establish the program for the first visit to the dealership, as explained above.
  • Make sure buyers of vehicles with a powertrain warranty are informed. A professional maintenance program preserves this warranty as well as allowing these cars to run for years exactly as they were designed.

Your used vehicle customers: a market to be conquered by your service department!

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