The best asset a company can develop is a customer. Any business that wants to survive in a competitive market has no other choice. It is a valuable asset that must be preserved and increased in number and quality.

Even if your customers have bought a vehicle, nothing is guaranteed. When communicating with them, make sure that your contact is justified and that your data is accurate. A customer should never have to repeat the same thing to several of your company’s employees. All relevant information should be accessible by all the departments concerned. Use the customizable fields of most computer systems to clarify and customize your calls, for example, by noting that one does not want to be reached before returning from his or her office, that another left his or her vehicle the night before, that another needs support services or a courtesy car, etc.

At each contact with the customer, it is imperative to update and complete all information required to provide the most customized service possible. While this may take time, the long-term benefits of such a procedure should not be underestimated.

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