Even if consumers assure you that they are satisfied with their experience, despite considering your services expensive, you have no guarantee that they will continue to be your customers. If they are not informed of your competitive packages, for example, or the added value of your services, they will probably go to independent shops and major chains for their aftermarket needs towards the end of the guarantee. Remember that if the customer does not know about it, you don’t do it!

It should also be noted that during the weeks before mechanical maintenance, your customers are sure to be contacted by your competitors. Even if they are not dissatisfied with your business, they will be tempted by the promotions offered. It is, therefore, very important to make sure that you participate in these offers at the right time. An appealing offer made according to the mileage traveled by your customers will put you in the best position.

Complement these factors with a more customized service, based on the information acquired on your customers over time as well as a respectful and appreciative friendly relationship, and your retention rate can only improve.

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