When it comes to customer satisfaction with the purchase and after-sales service, many surveys conducted by automakers compare trader performance locally or regionally. The analysis of these statistics and indicators is undoubtedly a good practice, but it is incomplete if it does not include an in-depth analysis of the customers’ actual expectations.

In terms of expectations, there are two categories: operational and personal. The former are related to the work done right from the beginning, the delivery of the vehicle at the established time, costs in accordance with the agreement, etc. These expectations are minimal and the mere fact of offering an experience in line with them is no great feat in the customers’ eyes.

Expectations of a personal nature are more relevant to the client. These are related to attention, respect, consideration, and empathy. These expectations, which are more difficult to measure, are recognized as determining factors in the customers’ perception of their experience. And it is at this level that companies stand out the most to consumers. Unfortunately, they are often neglected.

When was the last time you watched your team closely in action? Is their approach in line with what your customers seek? Do they exceed their personal expectations?

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