Suly recently conducted an analysis at a dealership to determine why there was a sudden surge in customers asking not to be contacted further. Upon analyzing the various types of contacts and targeted customers lists for eight months, we found that several people had been contacted by phone and/or email more than five times! The managers’ reactions were unanimous: how could this have happened?

This relentlessness was clearly not caused by a lack of sensitivity towards the customer. Rather, we found that the decision to launch a promotion or a private sale was based solely on two factors: the seasonal factor and especially the incentives programs offered by the manufacturer. But two important criteria were not taken into consideration: when was the last contact made? And when will the customer probably return to the market?

In short, during the contact, do you try to determine when your customer will replace their vehicle? And is this information recorded for use in planning your future sales?

However, for exceptional promotions, when you decide to contact customers earlier than indicated by them, refer to what they said before and provide a reason. Make customers feel that you are taking their comments into consideration, and that the offer is well worth it.

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