Almost all dealerships incorporate some kind of service reminder as part of their customer loyalty efforts. In order for this reminder to be credible and effective, it is important for this process to be continuous and for the recommendations to be justified.

After thousands of calls made by our agents, we are convinced that most drivers are not aware of the manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations for our harsh climate. And when reminders are provided sporadically, instead of "educating" our customers and guiding them appropriately, we confuse them. The consumers then perceive the company as disorganized and have doubts about the information received.

This situation is characteristic of companies that temporarily discontinue their reminder efforts while the shop is running smoothly, but increase contacts during off-peak periods. Although understandable from an operations point of view, this practice has the disadvantage of not taking into account customer needs.

Sales and Service Department staff must also agree on the maintenance recommendations to be made to customers. Too often they differ and either the sales, service or after-sales employees fail to communicate the right information. These rather embarrassing situations undermine the credibility of the entire company.

In short, be consistent and precise when providing guidance to your client. This way, the odds of your effects yielding excellent results will be on your side.

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