What should you actually retain from all this? To answer this question, let's take a look at the current automobile service industry.

Manufacturers are currently outdoing themselves like never before and launching beautiful vehicles, equipped with technological options that are appreciated by consumers. Add to that the appealing financial promotions, improved services and renovated buildings and you have an entire industry in "sheer seduction" mode.

All this is part of a frenzied world of consumption, where products pour into the markets and traditionalists are becoming extinct to make room for seekers of constant novelties, who are not loyal to any brand. Think about generation X and Y consumers who, with just a few clicks, will compare your products to those of your competitors and check your reputation on social networks.

It is essential for you to take part in the battle and lead on all fronts in order to preserve and increase your share of the market. Be the best entrepreneur you can reasonably be, for everyone who goes to your dealership. Place the customer at the core of your decisions. It is not a suggestion but a "must" to keep in touch with your customers. Depending on your choices and efforts, you will attract them or lose them.

In fact, when all the critical elements are in place, the retention of your customer base will exceed its reduction.

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