Ensure Quality Service

Based on our extensive experience, we directly arrange customer visits for their first maintenance service and ensure their loyalty during subsequent maintenance. We have also seen how difficult it is to retain new buyers who are late for the first visit.

Following a compilation of results obtained after more than 150 start-ups of our dealers, we observed that while these new customers were clearly identified and a retention strategy was customized for them, more than 80% of them did not react to the efforts made. This constitutes a huge revenue loss, considering the strategic value of these customers for the service department.

The impact of the first visit on customer loyalty is easy to understand when you consider that the work is usually easy, inexpensive and performed in a stress and tension-free environment. The driver should appreciate this experience, which should create an entirely favorable impression to lay the foundations for a profitable long-term relationship.

  • During the sales process and on delivery of the vehicle to the new buyer: Make sure that the representative emphasizes the competence of the after-sales staff and the service quality. If possible, during the visit to the dealership, introduce some of your staff members.
  • Establish a "first service appointment" practice.
  • Remind the client of the importance of the first maintenance and make sure someone confirms it a week in advance. Change the date if necessary for it to take place.

The first service appointment is a simple and important, but often neglected, concept. For everyone to benefit from it, its quality must be ensured.

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