Suly is a Quebec-based company with expertise in data segmentation, a leader in customer loyalty specialized in the automobile industry, with in-depth knowledge of its market.

Our mission is to establish constant communication between you and your customers, to increase the revenue of your departments and to reduce the workload of your directors.

Managing a car dealership on a daily basis is hard work!

Despite having the best intentions, it is sometimes difficult to ensure a stable and continuous follow up of your clientele. There are several constraints that can distract your staff from activities that contribute to customer loyalty: unexpected events, scheduling conflicts, vacations, changes in staff, etc.

Neglecting just one detail could cost you a valuable customer. Suly devotes all its energy to this task. Our strategies and services are designed by industry professionals to meet the particular needs of automotive dealership.

Our experts become partners of your company and work closely with your team to design customized loyalty tools, according to your needs and the characteristics of your customers.

Find out for yourself what many already know... Suly has everything a dealership needs to attract, retain and increase its customer base!

The best asset that a company can develop... Are its customers!
Suzanne Sills, Founder

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